Worldrelo offers nearly two decades of global relocation experience. Worldrelo specializes in assisting clients with finding suitable housing and in providing a bridge for cultural acclimation both within the United States and internationally.

Whether you are moving across the river, the country or around the globe, our associates at Worldrelo can provide a valuable service.

It is our mission to ensure that service is of the highest quality yet cost effective for our clients. We provide a range of flexible options designed to get clients and their families relocated and acclimatized as quickly and painlessly as possible. Worldrelo offers many services that can be tailored to meet your needs, whether you are an individual, a small company or a large corporation.


  • Introduction to School Districts – Brief overview of school system, discussion of schooling options.
  • Introduction to Neighborhoods – Overview of various communities.


  • Assistance with securing temporary housing until a purchased home or rental home is available if needed.


  • A team of experienced Real Estate Agents are available to assist clients with their home purchase in either Oregon or Washington. Agents can also help sell homes for those clients that are outbound.


  • Worldrelo offers a rental search service that many clients find very helpful in our very competitive rental market. We work with private parties and the professional property managers to locate the most suitable home and then assist with the lease agreement. Our experience and relationships with the property managers provide a competitive advantage in securing a rental home.
  • Discussion of housing options – Type of housing/neighborhood, proximity to work, points of interest/recreation areas etc.
  • List of Appropriate Choices – Based on discussed preferences client will receive list of housing choices
  • Housing search – Visit apartments, condos, houses etc.
  • Assistance with Application and Lease Review, explanation of lease terms
  • Assistance with utility set-up.
  • Lease negotiation including commencement walk-through.